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"The Modern Schools, also called Ferrer Schools, were American schools formed in the early 20th century around the ideas of educator and anarchist Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia and modeled after his Escuela Moderna. They were an important part of the anarchist, free education, socialist, and labor movements in the U.S., intended to provide education to the working-classes from a liberating, class-conscious perspective. The Modern Schools had classes for children during the day, and lectures were given to adults at night." --Wikipedia

This is an online modern school. This community is not just from a liberating, class-conscious perspective. It's also anti-oppressive. If you are unfamiliar with the systems of oppression, please refer to the definitions here, and browse through the articles on any of these sites below:

Anarchist People of Color
Colours of Resistance

Every week we pick a subject to study.
It can be anything specific with a radical emphasis.
Then members post about it and discuss it for a week.

Anti-Bias Curriculum
Anti-Racist Mathematics
Alternative Education
Direct Action
Direct Democracy
Free School
Learner Autonomy
Life Long Learning
Mutual Aid

The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewllyn
The Uncollege Alternative by Danielle Wood

Anarchism and Youth Liberation
Parenting for Youth Liberation
School Choice and the Death of Compulsory Education
The Principle and Practice of Compulsion in Education
Youth Liberation

Argentina Autonomista Project summer abroad
Not Back to School Camp

Subject History
04/24/06 - 04/30/06: radical sex

Dropping Out (for students)
Oblivion: Youth Rights zine

This community was started 01/01/05 and revived on 04/23/06.